Documentary Storytelling. Lifestyle and Corporate.

I have photographed princes and paupers, whirlwind brides and the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize. 

A skill set refined through adventure travel in over two dozen countries, stacks of weddings, magazines, and corporate campaigns.

Photography and Videography both available for discerning clients seeking authentic documentary and commercial quality.


Crafting images in remote locations and of emotional intensity comes naturally. 

I spent a month photographing an exhibition for Amnesty International Thailand from the southern border to the northern mountain tribes. 

The Prince of Ubud Bali dressed me in his clothes so that I could access and photograph a sacred religious ceremony; we then went clubbing until dawn.

I photographed Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kii on the election trail in northern Burma/Myanmar soon after release from decades of house arrest. 

A burly Nicaraguan pulled me into a cockfighting ring to photograph his boisterous win.

I photographed in every Canadian province and the NWT for the Canadian Cancer Society, crafting photo-essays of heartening determination for awareness campaigns, informational brochures, and fundraising materials.

And so much more.

Recent corporate projects involved shoots and editing videos of Top Chef Canada winner Dale McKay for Tre Stelle/Arla, Canadian Olympic hockey gold medal winners Becky Keller and Cheryl Pounder with Source for Sports, large-scale Infrastructure Ontario public service projects (from hospitals and court houses to the PanAm Games), and photographing Syrian refugee stories for Al Jazeera news.

I am a contributor to and Outpost travel magazine, with assignments varying from the humid Colombian Amazon rainforest to the ancient German heartland. Further, as the Researcher for travel television shows Departures (OLN; NatGeo; Netflix) and Descending (OLN; Travel Channel), I spent years engaged in off-the-beaten-path travel. These days I spend much of my time collaborating with the production company as a videographer and editor on corporate and commercial shoots along with an upcoming TV series.

Have a little peek at my some of my personal video work:


Me: The man behind the camera.

  • My favourite film camera for personal projects is a 1958 Canon P Rangefinder I bought in Kyoto. 
  • I have a PhD in Cultural History and authored two books. 
  • I tracked down local beer in every province and the Yukon.
  • I have dual Canadian and Irish citizenships. Coincidentally, I happen to love beer and potatoes. 
  • I think dogs are a superior creature.