Travel Yukon (Yukon Tourism) and

One of my favourite projects so far has been a series of video vignettes -- brief visual-storytelling videos -- I crafted for Travel Yukon (Yukon Tourism) and (a digital food and travel magazine). During the summer of 2014 the Yukon government brought me up, in conjunction with, and set me loose to shoot as I pleased with the end goal of telling photographic and video vignettes of life and food in the Yukon.

The Yukon was on my list of must-visits, a territory that was fresh on my mind because the previous summer the Canadian Cancer Society had me shooting in all of the provinces and the Northwest Territories but not the Yukon. Thanks to Travel Yukon, we captured footage around in Dawson City and Moosehide village, conducted an interview with Bill 'Caveman Bill' Donaldson who has lived in a cave for 18 years overlooking Dawson City, and undertook jaunts into Whitehorse's burgeoning culinary scene.

All-in-all, it led to the production of some wonderful video vignettes that express the character and energy of the locations.


Dawson City & Moosehide Village - Yukon Musings on a Natural Day

The first of the series of videos, offering a musing of the character of Dawson City and neighbouring Moosehide Village over the course of an (at times rainy) day. 

Bill 'Caveman Bill ' Donaldson - 18 Years of Cave Dwelling

Bill Donaldson has lived in a cave for 18 years. Situated across the river from Dawson City, it has given him an interesting perspective on life in the Yukon.

Read Lisa Jackson's interview here:


Whitehorse Culinary Indulgences

In an additional series of video vignettes, I jumped behind the counters of several burgeoning culinary locations in Whitehorse, quickly gathering material while staying out of the way of the very busy happenings. It was wonderful to dig into the activities giving shape to great eat and drinks in the Yukon.


Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters - Whitehorse, Yukon

Midnight Sun is a family owned and operated coffee roastery that has been operating for over 15 years in Whitehorse, Yukon. Their dedication to their craft is matched only by the friendly atmosphere and standout combination of artistry and industry that makes Midnight Sun the go-to place for fine coffee. 


Yukon Brewing - 'Beer Worth Freezing For'

Yukon Brewing is the foremost brewery in the Yukon territory, with sales surpassing both Molsons and Labatts combined. Bringing together classic recipes with innovative twists, the brewery has made itself the cornerstone of not only the craft but also the mainstream beer scene throughout the territory.


Café Balzam - Whitehorse, Yukon

Café Balzam is committed to provide local, natural and sustainable food grown by Yukon’s finest farmers and breeders. With the purpose of featuring a little taste of the Yukon terroir, the kitchen staff strives to offer a fresh, made-in-house menu. It was wonderful watching traditional french crepes being crafted using local ingredients, a sign of the culinary wonder taking place in Whitehorse.


Alpine Bakery - Whitehorse, Yukon

Alpine Bakery, situated in a lovely wooden building, crafts a delicious assortment of baked goods and other items while bringing forth its mission "to offer wholesome organic food products, promote healthy and sustainable alternative lifestyle choices and foster social and environmental activism to its customers and community."