Photographer. Videographer. Traveler. Author.

I have photographed a prince and paupers, corporate campaigns and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

Onsite and remote locations a specialty. Photography and Videography offered on all shoots.

Greetings! I am a photographer and videographer specializing in documentary and commercial image creation. The ability to capture both photography and videography is a strong asset to clients seeking broad and captivating content.

You can find me at Echo Bay Media — — a travel television, corporate, and commercial video production house, as videographer, photographer, editor, and colourist, for a long line of clients ranging from Source for Sports to Granite Club to PetSmart Charities.

Recent personal photography and video assignments include and Outpost travel magazines from the humid Colombian Amazon rainforest to the ancient German heartland; Syrian refugee and First Nation stories for Al Jazeera news; motorcycling across Jordan from the Syrian border to the Red Sea (while writing about their craft beer and wine) for Jordanian Tourism Board; large-scale provincial Infrastructure Ontario projects; exploring and writing about the ‘Craft Beer Trail’ for Massachusetts Tourism; the 'Come Wander' tourism campaign for the Ontario's Highlands; and traversing every Canadian province and the NWT for the Canadian Cancer Society. 

A collaboration with tourism boards has been a great means of bringing together social media needs and an international travel-minded audience. Great media content has been created with Tourism Ireland, the German National Tourism Board, Yukon Tourism, Massachusetts Tourism, and the Jordanian Tourism Board.

I have also spent much of the past decade as Researcher on a number of international travel television series. This includes the Emmy Award-nominated National Geographic travel TV series My Pacific Quest/Over the Horizon (NatGeo; OutsideTV), Gemini Award-winning Departures (OLN; NatGeo; Netflix), underwater exploration show Descending (OLN; Travel Channel; OutsideTV), and international dive series Ocean Mysteries (Discovery) staring the Cousteau family. My work in this role combines my extensive travel experience with my PhD in Cultural History, two academic books, and numerous articles exploring relationships between culture and identity.

On a personal note, what are some of my favourite assignments? I think back fondly on spending a month photographing an exhibition for Amnesty International Thailand from the southern border to the northern mountain tribes. The Prince of Ubud Bali dressed me in his clothes so that I could access and photograph a sacred religious ceremony; we then went clubbing until dawn. I photographed Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kii on the election trail in northern Burma/Myanmar soon after release from decades of house arrest. A burly Nicaraguan pulled me into a cockfighting ring to photograph his boisterous win. I documented the 'Red Shirt' riots in Bangkok. And any chance I get to photograph street life in Japan, I'll be there. 

Film photography is a passion and many of my personal travel shots are done on a 1958 Canon 'Populaire' Rangefinder and 1980s Canon AE-1.