Photographer. Videographer. Traveler. Author.

I have photographed a prince and paupers, corporate campaigns and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

Onsite and remote locations a specialty. Photography and Videography offered on all shoots.

Greetings! I am a photographer and videographer specializing in documentary and commercial image creation. The ability to capture both photography and videography is a strong asset to clients seeking broad and captivating content.

You can usually find me at Echo Bay Media a videographer, photographer, editor, and colourist for a long line of clients ranging from Source for Sports to Granite Club to PetSmart Charities. I was recently the Colourist on the international TV series Uprooted (Cooking Channel; Bell Gusto).

Other recent photography and video assignments include and Outpost travel magazines from the humid Colombian Amazon rainforest to the ancient German heartland; Syrian refugee and First Nation stories for Al Jazeera news; Top Chef Canada winner Dale McKay for Tre Stelle/Arla; Canadian Olympic hockey gold medal winner Becky Keller with Source for Sports; motorcycling across Jordan from the Syrian border to the Red Sea (while writing about their craft beer and wine) for Jordanian Tourism Board; large-scale provincial Infrastructure Ontario projects; exploring and writing about the ‘Craft Beer Trail’ for Massachusetts Tourism; the 'Come Wander' tourism campaign for the Ontario's Highlands; and traversing every Canadian province and the NWT for the Canadian Cancer Society. 

A collaboration with tourism boards has been a great means of bringing together social media needs and an international travel-minded audience. Great media content has been created with Tourism Ireland, the German National Tourism Board, Yukon Tourism, Massachusetts Tourism, and the Jordanian Tourism Board.

I have also spent much of the past decade as Researcher on a number of international travel television series. This includes the Emmy Award-nominated National Geographic travel TV series My Pacific Quest/Over the Horizon (NatGeo; OutsideTV), Gemini Award-winning Departures (OLN; NatGeo; Netflix), and underwater exploration show Descending (OLN; Travel Channel; OutsideTV). My work in this role combines my extensive travel experience with my PhD in Cultural History, two academic books, and numerous articles exploring relationships between culture and identity.

On a personal note, what are some of my favourite assignments? I think back fondly on spending a month photographing an exhibition for Amnesty International Thailand from the southern border to the northern mountain tribes. The Prince of Ubud Bali dressed me in his clothes so that I could access and photograph a sacred religious ceremony; we then went clubbing until dawn. I photographed Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kii on the election trail in northern Burma/Myanmar soon after release from decades of house arrest. A burly Nicaraguan pulled me into a cockfighting ring to photograph his boisterous win. I documented the 'Red Shirt' riots in Bangkok. And any chance I get to photograph street life in Japan, I'll be there. 

Film photography is a passion and many of my personal travel shots are done on a 1958 Canon 'Populaire' Rangefinder and 1980s Canon AE-1.